The O-Level is an equivalent of the IGCSE education which is globally acknowledged in Dubai and the UK GCSE education system. In Dubai, out of 40 offered O-Level subjects, students can build their own subject sequences from the list of O-Level subjects.

At World Class Education, the O-Level tutors in Dubai offer the best O-Level education in UAE which serves as a solid framework to develop students' skills for their academic growth towards the Cambridge Advanced curriculum.

Our professional O-Level tutors are committed to delivering corporative training to the students to help them in achieving their goals.


Why Pursue O-level Education in Dubai?

There are numerous reasons for students who are considering to pursue O-Level education. The doors of recognized universities will be open for admissions across the world for those who pursue O-Level education as this education is acknowledged by various Ministry of Education and international schools. Also, British Universities in the UK also states O-Level education as the best educational curriculum in the world.

Therefore, candidates seeking assistance for O-Level education can turn towards World Class Education to get the best O-Level tutor in Dubai. Making us one of the best coaching centres in Dubai, our tutors are expert in providing the best O-level coaching to the candidates.

Which Subjects we are Offered in O-level Curriculum?

Mainly there are five major subjects offered in the O-level curriculum. The offered subjects are -

• Mathematics
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Economics
• Business Studies

The students are required to be a master in the above-mentioned subjects and it can happen if you study under the assistance of our experience O-level Tutors. Our tutors utilize the strategy of one-to-one instruction to develop courage in the students so that their skills can be produced and polished.