SAT is a standardized test which is required to be cleared by the students to take admission in the undergraduate courses. SAT plays a vital role in the students’ admission procedure admission in the colleges. The SAT is typically attended by high school juniors and seniors. The College Board pronounces that the SAT is meant to estimate numeracy, literacy, and writing skills that are required for academic achievement in college. They say that the SAT evaluates how well the test-takers interpret and solve difficulties—skills they acquired in school that they will require in college. Though, the test is conducted under a strong time limit to help devise a range of scores. We have a team of best SAT Tutors in Dubai to assist you in the preparation of the test.

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Structure of SAT

The SAT is consists of four segments:
1. Reading
2. Writing and Language
3. Math (with no allowance of a calculator)
4. Math (with the allowance of the calculator).

The pattern for the SAT includes two sets of exams.
1. SAT Reasoning Test: The SAT Reasoning Test is for those students who are willing to pursue higher education in the United States. This is one of the most inquired exams, which scores are extensively recognized in the universities/ colleges abroad.
2. SAT Subject Test: The second set is the SAT Subject Test, which is opted by students who want to study a particular subject in detail to make their career. Candidates wanting to appear for SAT can opt for either of the SAT exams.
The pattern/syllabus is different for both the sets.

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SAT Scoring Scale

The first set of two sub-sections of Reading and Writing & Language score at the scale of 200 - 800 The second set of two sub-sections of Maths (With calculator) and Maths (Without calculator) are also scored at the scale of 200 - 800.
So, a student is required to score 400 out of 1600 to qualify the SAT.

Preparation tips for SAT

It is not easy for a student to break the score level of SAT to qualify the test. But if you follow a specific scenario and prepare for the exam so well then you will surely qualify the exam in the first attempt. Before start preparing for the exam must go through the exam pattern and syllabus of SAT so that you will let know what you have to study.

You can hire a SAT tutor in order to prepare for your test. Also, students are suggested to follow these helpful tips stated by our professional SAT Tutors to prepare for the exam. -

• Make a Schedule: Make a schedule for your studies. Prepare for the test in slots of time. Take 2-3 hours from a day daily to prepare for the test.
• Prepare notes: Make notes on your own to make your learning skill better. Notes make it easy to learn anything quickly.
• Revision: Revise the context number of times to remember it for a long time.