What is ACT ?

Similar to SAT, ACT is also a standardized test which is conducted for admission in undergraduates courses in United State. A non-profit organisation of the same name administered this exam. Many Universities and colleges make admission decision based on ACT score. The ACT is a multiple-choice, pen-paper based test.

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Format of ACT

The ACT has four sections of four different subjects -

English | Reading | Maths | Science

Some colleges require a qualification of the writing test. Therefore, a 40 minutes Writing Test is also included in the ACT.

Duration: The time duration for ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes but if you select to write with an essay then the time duration will exceed 3 hours & 35 minutes.

Marking Scheme of ACT: Each question in all four portions of the ACT carries one mark. For each correct answer, a candidate would be awarded one mark. As there is no negative marking in the test, so there will be no reduction in the marks of the student in case of wrong answered questions.

This was done to increase the score of the ACT qualified candidates.

Perfect Time to Appear in ACT

Candidates are recommended to appear in ACT at the time of their high school junior or senior level. It is the time when students can score better as compare to appear in the test after a gap of year/years.

ACT Score Scale

ACT scores for English, Reading, Mathematics and Science Reasoning ranges from 1 to 36. English, Reading and Mathematics segments have subscores range i.e. from 1 to 18. The overall score cannot be considered as the sum of the subscores. Furthermore, the candidates who appear in the Writing Test will be scored between the range of 2 to 12. The score range of Writing Test will not affect the overall score of all the four segments of ACT.

How ACT is different from the SAT?

ACT & SAT, both the test are almost similar. The tests are conducted to measure the students' ability to solve issues and skills required for college admissions. There is no vast difference between the two. US Colleges and Universities prefer both the test for admission but not a single test over another test. The terms that make the two different is the segments and time duration of the test.